Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not sure I got your Genes Mama

Faith is growing up so fast we can barely keep up. She is doing so many new things everyday that I can't keep up nor get pictures of them all. My favorite new thing happened tonight after swim lessons. She leaned over and gave Mommy a kiss. Egan and I weren't sure if she knew what she was doing so we asked her to do it a few more times. She did it every time................. until we got the video camera out! Then of course she stopped.

Here are two more of her new past times.

Eating! She eats everything and likes it all. Yes, even avacados. Maybe not peas. I seem to remember peas being a tough one last week. Anyway, so far she has tried peas, avacados, bananas, yams, green beans, oatmeal, pears and spaghetti with meat sauce. Spaghetti with meat sauce is her all time favorite. She will take a bite and open her mouth for the next bite before the first one is even swallowed! She also likes to lick mommy's fudgesicles but we won't tell anyone about that since I haven't read this on any baby food lists yet. ;)

This first pic was taken today while meeting Egan downtown for lunch.

Swimming! She has been taking swimming lessons. The first lesson she YELLED the whole half hour. No tears or crying, straight yelling. It was hilarious. Tonight she was a bit calmer and didnt yell, but she was very serious like she is about most things.

Here she is yelling at her daddy!

She took a breather here to listen to the instructor.

I wish I could still fit on a kickboard. I swear they have made them smaller since I was competing! (It couldn't be that I am larger could it?)


  1. Seriously Barbi Jo, I'm starting to freak out a little about how much our girls look alike... Mabel looks more like Faith than any of her cousins! :) Fun to read your updates - way to put the kiddo in the pool right away. She'll be a prodigy by 2.

  2. that is adorable. She could be screaming because she wants you to get the heck out of the way so she can start doing laps.