Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not sure I got your Genes Mama

Faith is growing up so fast we can barely keep up. She is doing so many new things everyday that I can't keep up nor get pictures of them all. My favorite new thing happened tonight after swim lessons. She leaned over and gave Mommy a kiss. Egan and I weren't sure if she knew what she was doing so we asked her to do it a few more times. She did it every time................. until we got the video camera out! Then of course she stopped.

Here are two more of her new past times.

Eating! She eats everything and likes it all. Yes, even avacados. Maybe not peas. I seem to remember peas being a tough one last week. Anyway, so far she has tried peas, avacados, bananas, yams, green beans, oatmeal, pears and spaghetti with meat sauce. Spaghetti with meat sauce is her all time favorite. She will take a bite and open her mouth for the next bite before the first one is even swallowed! She also likes to lick mommy's fudgesicles but we won't tell anyone about that since I haven't read this on any baby food lists yet. ;)

This first pic was taken today while meeting Egan downtown for lunch.

Swimming! She has been taking swimming lessons. The first lesson she YELLED the whole half hour. No tears or crying, straight yelling. It was hilarious. Tonight she was a bit calmer and didnt yell, but she was very serious like she is about most things.

Here she is yelling at her daddy!

She took a breather here to listen to the instructor.

I wish I could still fit on a kickboard. I swear they have made them smaller since I was competing! (It couldn't be that I am larger could it?)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sitting Up and Throwing Up!

It was a very busy weekend here at The Ludwigs. We started Friday night off with a non-profit bowling event. Faith got to go with us. Believe it or not its about her 4th time at the bowling alley at the ripe old age of 6 months. Must be in the genes! Anyway, we were home by 8 to hang out with the McIntosh Family who were up visiting and competing the Lake Padden Triathlon. Sat morning Bruce and Egan took off for the race and Faith, Conner, Andrew, Carol Beth and I headed for the park to cheer on the daddies. I was a bit worried about the swim for Egan as it was a half mile (about 33 or so lengths in the pool for you non swimmers) and he has never gone that far before. He didnt quite finishthe swim leg but he did great considering he hadn't swam in a year. The only thing I am unsure of is what goggles he wore? It looks by the marks on his face that perhaps they were flight goggles rather than swim goggles?

Faith has started on solids. We nixed the rice cereal for now. There were just too many ingredients that we didn't recognize. We even got the "Organic Brown Rice Cereal" from the Co-op (Not sure when I became a hippie and started shopping at Co-ops!) So we tried Yams and Avacados. Loves yams. Avacados make her gag and throw up! I also probaby put too much in her mouth at one time - so that didn't help matters much. Unfortunately we were videotaping when she threw up. Poor kid! :(
Last but not least the little pumpkin is sitting up! I don't have a pic of it so you will just have to believe me. I don't even think she knows she is doing it. She's pretty good so far and seems to be really strong. A couple more weeks of the daily abs workout and the protein shakes Egan makes her drink and she'll be ready for the gym! ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rice cereal

So we started solids on Monday. A little bit of rice cereal never hurt anyone. I wonder why that is something you only eat as a baby? Every other food seems to transition into something we eat during adulthood but not rice cereal? She seemed to like it well enough and so far no reactions. Next week............... Yams! That will be a fun one to clean up after!

Besides starting solids Faith has been very busy. She spent last weekend with Grandpa David and Grandma Donna. She was gone from Mommy and Daddy for a total of 30 hours. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but boy was I happy to get that little bug back!!!! Egan and I took full advantage of the baby free days with a bike ride, a run, a hike, a night out to dinner, a movie, a morning walk and best of all A NAP! I haven't had a nap in months!

Back to the little pumpkin. Her personality is coming out in full force. So far she is a pretty happy munchkin with a beautiful smile. She was sleeping through the night but seems to be waking up about once a night now to eat. My guess is that we are going through a growth spurt. Her 6 month appointment is in two weeks so we will know then. Speaking of 6 months she also has an appointment at Children's Hospital to check on the two heart murmurs she was born with. Praying that those have all but disappeared. Will keep you posted.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tummy Time is Fun?

Hanging out on my tummy is no longer on issue. In fact its kind of fun! I spend a lot of time here lately since I seem to roll over ALL THE TIME now and don't know how to get back. Not a big deal, I have Mommy and Daddy trained pretty well. I just cry and they come to whereever I am and flip me over. And they say I can't manipulate until I am about 6 months old.......... got them all fooled don't I?!?!?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random post to catch up on the last two weeks or so

Sorry its been so long since my last post. I have been very busy growing and learning new things. Now I know how to touch peoples faces and roll over. (Not at the same time mind you because that would be wierd) I was very crabby this past weekend and all that crying and crabbiness has made me very tired as you can see below! Mommy wanted to show everyone how I can almost sit on my own. This is about the closest I get. She is just going to have to settle for this pose for now.

What the heck? Shorts and a tank top? Where do you think we are? In Chelan?

Can't wait for two things...... 1. I want to learn how to swim so I can be in that awesome water behind daddy and me. 2. I want Cassi (behind Daddy and me) to hurry and give birth to my friend. I have a feeling we will be very best buds!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Faith + Diego = Love

As you can see Egan and I are not the only ones who love Faith.
Diego snuggles with her whenever he gets the chance!

I think he is telling Faith secrets about Poncho!
She doesn't seem to impressed.
Must not be a very interesting secret.

And here she is explaining to Diego everything
Mommy and Daddy had to go through to get
her. He is shocked! And rightfully so since all
they had to do to get him was pick him up from
some lady in the parking lot of The Richshaw!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Percentiles - Schmercentiles!

Went to the doctor yesterday and here are my percentiles. 80% for head size, 70% for length and 30% for weight. So basically I have a large brain with a slim little body. It doesnt really matter to me. All that matters is love. And I am pretty sure I am loved because my parents keep giving me goofy faces followed by lots of hugs and kisses.
I slept 10.5 hours last night until Mommy woke me up to eat. Darn her. Doesn't she know I am just like her and could sleep for even longer if I was allowed to? I spent last night ALMOST rolling over and thats tough work man! OK. We are off to watch Dads soccer game followed by the Farmers Market! Talk to you later!